Dr. Richard W. Oliver, Jr., DMD
Periodontics, Dental Implants and Laser Therapy


These are examples of what our patients are saying about our practice.  If you have needs or questions please feel free to contact our office.
"I had a truly incredible experience at this office. I was treated compassionately with great professionalism. I recommend Dr. Oliver to all my friends."

Sandra T.

"For years I have had to live with unsightly gum recession on my front teeth. I chose to have gum grafts placed and the result has been fantastic. I now love my new smile."

Marcia F.

"I had been searching for a periodontist to address my gum problems, but really wanted laser treatment. Dr. Oliver was able to provide this treatment for me and it was exactly what I hoped it would be, easy and mostly painless."

Henry B.

"I was terrifed at the idea of periodontal surgery. I found that my fears were unfounded as the treatment went very smoothly with much less discomfort than I expected."

Barbara C.

"I had been missing several back teeth for years and it was very difficult to chew. I had a partial denture which was a pain to wear. After I had implants placed, I now have teeth again! I can chew comfortably and no longer have to wear the bulky partial denture. Thanks for changing my life."

Jean K.

"I have been a patient with Dr. Oliver for almost 25 years and if it weren't for him and his team, I would not have my teeth at this point. Thanks Dr. Oliver!"

Dave J.

"Thanks to the staff at Dr. Oliver's for helping me understand my insurance. They worked with me to maximize my benefits making the whole process a breeze."

Michele W.

"My daughter had never had any type of dental work done in the past when she had to have a gum graft. She was scared to death, but found the procedure to be no big deal. She is now 12 years later entering dental school."

Leslie H.

"I lost my front tooth in an accident and you guys helped me replace it with an implant tooth that looks absolutely real. Thanks!"

Greg W.

I wanted to take just a second to thank all of you for the successful extraction and the dental implant I had done yesterday afternoon. The slogan "No Pain, no Gain" does not exactly apply when it comes to Dr. Oliver's surgeries. I had No Pain but a lot of Gain. At no point during the surgery, or afterwards did I experience any pain. I would recommend your practice anytime to anyone for anything.

Lam V.

Just wanted to let you know how well your efforts paid off. My implanted teeth could not feel or perform better -- they're just like natural teeth. I'm amazed and enjoying the ability to eat anything again. You made every office visit as comfortable as possible, and your assistants and the ladies out front were always polite and friendly. Thanks so much and best wishes.

Ed P.