Dr. Richard W. Oliver, Jr., DMD
Periodontics, Dental Implants and Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

In the mid 1970’s, medical surgeons began using a new device that complimented, and in some cases, replaced the use of a scalpel and that instrument was a laser.  In 1989, the first laser specifically designed for dental use became available.  Dental lasers allow the clinician to provide a multitude of procedures that were traditionally performed with anesthesia, scalpels and sutures.  The most common periodontal procedures performed with a dental laser include adjunctive treatment of periodontitis, crown lengthening for treatment of a fractured tooth, crown lengthening for esthetic dentistry, frenectomies to eliminate inappropriate muscle pull and treatment of oral ulcers. Many of these procedures can be performed with minimal anesthetic and no sutures while decreasing post-operative discomfort and the time of healing.  Feel free to ask us if this treatment option is right for you.


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